Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers – Tips For Keeping Costs Down

There is a possibility of finding cheap insurance for young drivers if you follow a few steps that will help to keep the cost of premiums down. It is important to remember that young people are considered high risk because of their age and the fact that younger people are known to be involved in more accidents. Youngsters are more likely to get into accidents than older and more experienced older drivers and the statistics clearly bear this out. The records of road accidents clearly show that a much higher proportion involve younger drivers and in particular young male drivers.

Because of this, insurance companies raise the premiums to absorb the increased risk they are taking when they insure young drivers. All insurers will base their premiums on the likelihood of having to make a payout for a claim, and they assess the likelihood by studying the statistics for past road accidents and claims. Some insurance companies will not even insure younger people because of the higher risks involved, because they believe the risks of losing money are too great, or the premiums they would have to charge would be unrealistic. Young drivers with provisional licenses can therefore have trouble finding insurance. It is out there, you just have to look for it carefully and take a few steps to bring the price and the risk down.

How to Lower the Risk for Young People

In order to get cheap insurance for younger drivers you will have to lower the risks involved with young drivers. You can do this in several ways, including the following:

Having your young driver take a driving course such as the Pass Plus programme. The Pass Plus programme teaches a young driver how to drive under different conditions. They will learn how to drive in town and on a throughway for example. You can get a 20 percent discount from many insurance companies if your young person has taken a course.

Buying a small, second hand vehicle instead of a larger more expensive vehicle. Autos with large engines will have higher premiums than smaller engines. A small vehicle will do less damage than a large vehicle also and they are usually cheaper to repair too.

Avoid doing any modifications on the car. This includes tinted windows, alloy wheels, and even interior modifications such as bucket seats. Modifications can make the car more appealing to car thieves, which increases the risk to the insurers and therefore the costs. Some modifications to the engine can make it a high performance auto, which also increases the chance of accidents.

If possible try to keep your mileage low. Some motor insurance companies will take car mileage into consideration when they work out your premium.

Buy insurance online. You can get a 10 percent discount from most online insurance companies when you purchase your car insurance online. Oftentimes their insurance rates are lower because they have a lower overhead.

Do Not Be a Statistic

One third of all road fatalities are young drivers between the ages of 17 and 25. One out of every five young, new drivers has an accident in their first year driving. 17 to 21 year olds make up seven percent of the people who have a driver’s license. When it comes to injury accidents, they make up 13 percent. Pay attention when driving, so that you do not become a statistic.

Cheap Young Driver Insurance – How to Get a Good Price on Insurance

Most people can remember the first time they bought car insurance. You can probably recall how expensive it was to get your first car insured. Thinking back you can probably remember how reckless you were when you first started driving. Getting cheap young driver insurance is often very difficult because of the lack of driving experience that most new drivers have.

Although it you will pay a premium for being a new driver, there are ways to help get your insurance cost decreased. One way that you can lower your insurance price is to take a certified driving course. Many insurance companies recognize driving schools as a good way to learn how to drive. By taking attending a driving school you may be able to get a discount on your car insurance.

There are others ways that you can save money on new driver insurance like increasing your deductible or lowering your coverage. When you get car insurance the companies will usually ask you how much coverage you want. This amount will cover you in case someone decides to sue you after an accident. Having a lower amount of coverage will result in lower insurance costs; however, it will make it riskier for you in case you are sued.

Probably the best way to get reduced car insurance if you are a new driver is to drive a safe vehicle. By driving a safe vehicle you can ensure that you get the best price on your insurance. Cheap young driver insurance is possible only if you choose to drive the right car.

Cheap Young Drivers Insurance – Top Tips On How To Find It

We all want the cheapest car insurance we can get, but when you are a young driver it can seem impossible to get anything that is not absurdly expensive. There is no escaping the fact that insurance for young drivers will cost more than it will for more experienced people. This is not just vindictiveness on the part of the insurance companies, but is based on statistical evidence.

Insurance companies have to operate at a profit and they know from the statistics that young drivers are far more likely to be involved in road accidents than older people. There are a combination of reasons for this, but clearly inexperience is a factor. This in itself does not need to be a big problem, but if you combine it with an increased tendency to drive fast then you have a recipe for accidents.

Also bear in mind the typical ways in which young people use their vehicles compared to older people. There are increased risks involved when you compare late night jaunts between social functions with groups of friends, with doing the same journey to work and back every day. A generalization of course, but nonetheless true.

So to what extent can you bring down the cost of your premiums and find cheap young drivers insurance? Well we can start with the obvious, which is to shop around. There are some companies that will not even offer cover, so the prices you do get will vary a lot. Approach a lot of companies and look for ones that specialize in young and new drivers.

Other than that, one of the main things that will influence the size of the premiums you pay is the car you choose to drive. There is no greater guarantee of enormous premiums than a young person in a fast, powerful car. This is because the evidence shows that the chances of accidents increase dramatically if you make it easy for a young, inexperienced driver to drive very fast.

So you can bring costs down by choosing the car you wish to insure very carefully. All cars belong to an insurance group, and the price you pay will be in part related to the group your car is in. Choose a car from a low insurance group. Go for a second hand, small car with a small engine. If the car is not expensive and does not have a powerful engine, the price will be much lower. This is not generally what young drivers want to hear when they are looking to impress their friends with a flashy new car, but it is what you must consider if you want to be able to afford to get behind the wheel at all.

Another step you can take to bring down the cost of insurance is to see if you can build an excess into your policy. An excess is when you have to pay the first part of any claim, up to an agreed maximum. This could be a relatively small amount, but the larger the excess you agree to, the smaller your premiums should be. In agreeing to an excess you are sharing the risk and showing confidence in your ability to avoid accidents.